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Submit your ranking for the Winter 2019 update to our Flyers Top 25 Under 25!

It’s that time again: the time to rank the best young players in the Flyes’ organization.

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Well, THAT’s awkward.
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UPDATE, 1/18: Taylor Leier, who turns 25 in February and was on the ballot when it was created on Thursday morning, was traded to Buffalo on Thursday night for Justin Bailey. Changing the ballot would require us to erase all of the ones we have already received in our ranking software, so out of respect for the hundreds of you that have already submitted your rankings, Leier will remain on the ballot while Bailey will be left off of it. (Sorry, Justin.)

As such, if you can avoid voting for Taylor Leier, please do. His existing votes will be counted for completeness’ sake, but he will not be included in the ranking if the votes he has already received end up being enough to get him into the Top 25. If you voted for him and would like to change your ranking to remove him, please open up the ballot on the same computer/device you originally submitted it on, and you should be able to make changes to it.

Original post below.

The Flyers are just one game away from their bye week, and recent success acknowledged, it feels like there’s only so much we can say about the current on-ice product of a team that’s fighting as hard as it can to be Not Literally In Last Place. So let’s talk about something else: the future!

Those of you who have been around a while likely know that we run a Flyers Top 25 Under 25 series twice per year, in which we rank the value of each of the Flyers’ players and prospects that have not yet turned 25 years old. We typically do a set of longer, more in-depth profiles in the summer, and we do a mid-season check in during the winter. With the bye week coming up next week, it is about time for us to get that going again.

For a few years now, we’ve started to loop in a ballot from you, the readers, in our final tabulation of the votes. We’ve given you all a ballot to fill out, and everyone who does so gets their ballots combined into a Community Vote that gets put alongside each of ours in the final ranking. With the winter update slated to start next Wednesday — January 23 — it’s about time we check back in with you all and see how you’re feeling about the young talent in the organization.

So! Please use this link to drag and drop your top 25 Flyers prospects or players under the age of 25, based on their current value to the organization. How you choose to define that is up to you — NHL-readiness right now, long-term upside, trade value, etc. Some quick notes:

  • The survey technically allows you to put as many or as few of the 45 potential players on your ballot as you like, but please submit exactly 25 players on your ballot, no more and no less. Ballots with fewer than 25 names will be tossed out, while ones with more than 25 will be cut off after 25.
  • Remember: the players that you rank as the best should be ranked first, second, third, etc., not the other way around.
  • Only submit one ballot, and note that we reserve the right to throw out any ballots that we believe are either obvious joke ballots or ones that otherwise appear thoroughly out of whack.
  • Submit your ballot by 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, January 21.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments, or send them to me via Twitter or email ( Enjoy!

To submit your entry to the BSH Top 25 Under 25 Community Ballot, click here.