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You can’t spell “resolution” without “lost”

Flyers score once on NYE, do even worse the next day

Philadelphia Flyers v Nashville Predators

It’s a double shot of postgame chats, with reactions to both the New Year’s Eve loss in Carolina and the New Year’s Day shutout in Nashville.

Let’s lead off with the 2018 closer, which saw Carter Hart chased after allowing three goals on 10 shots in less than 23 minutes of game time. The rest of the team was equally as ineffective, scoring only once on 23 shots.

The New Year’s Day game did not go any better. Well, they probably tried harder, but the results were the same.

Juuse Saros stopped all 32 Philly shots against him, while the Flyers committed a comedy of errors in their own end. At one point during the game I said “nice back-check, Neuvirth” and I wasn’t being sarcastic.