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Philadelphia Flyers Winter 2019 Top 25 Under 25: Nos. 5 to 1

Our top five consists of five players currently on the Flyers. Which one did we deem the most valuable young player in the organization?

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers
He’s our baby.
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It is here! Our winter 25 Under 25 concludes today, after running through players ranked at 25 to 21, 20 to 16, 15 to 11, and 10 to 6. Our final five players are all ones you’re certainly familiar with — do you agree with how we ranked them? Let’s find out.

5. Travis Sanheim

Primary Team/League: Philadelphia, NHL
2018-19 Stats: 4 G, 11 A in 49 GP
Rank in Summer 25 Under 25: 5

Jake (ranked him #5): The taller of the Travi is blossoming before our very eyes this season and has been one of a few bright spots on this team. He’s been playing like a top pair defenseman all year and was finally used like one when Scott Gordon took over for Dave Hakstol. Sanheim is an offensive dynamo who is excellent at pushing play up ice and has grown leaps and bounds in picking his spots on when to jump up in the play or even create for himself. He’s also improved in his defensive zone play, though he still has room for improvement there. Sanheim may never be an all-world defender in his own zone, but with how much he creates offensively, he’s generally not going to spend a ton of time there anyway. The sooner they realize he needs to be a staple on the power play, the sooner we’ll see him truly shine.

Drew (ranked him #2): Sanheim has easily been the Flyers’ best defenseman this year. Though Provorov looks better as of late, Gostisbehere has still faltered this year. Sanheim has also been the most consistent defenseman, well...if we mean good consistent. A-Mac has been the most being bad.

Craig (ranked him #3): He’s been the most consistent defenseman this season and I think he’s proven that if things break a certain way he could be the number one when called upon. I think Provorov is still the number one of the future and I still ranked him higher than Sanheim, but Sanheim’s offensive abilities and instincts are one of the few good things the entire defense has been able to bring to the table all season.

Kurt (ranked him #5): I was close to putting him higher than this, and ended up not doing so. Kind of sad about it. But real talk: even if Sanheim has mostly been sheltered in his NHL career so far, he’s consistently outplayed the guys he’s on the ice against, and his uptick in ice time since Gordon and Wilson came around should be a sign that the organization knows what it has in him. The things he’s good at are things that an NHL defenseman need to be good at to succeed in 2019, and the things he isn’t good at yet are things that can improve in time. I know I ranked him below Provorov (and I know what I’m about to say may reek of recency bias), but if you told me you were a time traveler from 15-20 years into the future and that Sanheim ends up being the best defenseman of this era of Flyers hockey, I wouldn’t be even a little bit surprised.

Brad (ranked him #3): For as much as we grumbled in Dave Hakstol’s direction, the ebbs and flows of Sanheim’s usage this season points a lot more in the direction of Gord Murphy. While Hak surely gave input and had some level of pull, he was still here when Rick Wilson and his eyeball analytics came in and decided to move Sanheim up the lineup. If you’ve read previous things I’ve written you know I’m the farthest thing from a Hakstol defender, but in this case I do believe Sanheim’s minimal ice time in his rookie season, and even at the start of this season, falls on Murphy. Since Wilson has taken over, Sanheim’s been used as a top pair defenseman and has passed just about every test sent his way. He’s third on my list because I truly believe that he is a top-pairing defenseman and will be for a long time. Moving forward I’d like to see him get more opportunities to play on both special teams units.

Kelly (ranked him #4): Travis Sanheim has been outstanding since the moment he was brought up from the AHL, the lack of ice time in years past was a travesty (GET IT), and given how good he looks now I can’t wait to see how much better he gets. I think we all assumed pretty quickly that Ivan Provorov was going to be the difference-maker on defense for this team, but I think Sanheim gives him a run for his money.

Mike (ranked him #5): In terms of his development, I’m pleased with how Sanheim has grown in the past year. He’s behind only Radko Gudas in terms of Corsi-For with a 52.18% per NaturalStatTrick, and has shown flashes offensively in spurts. The reason why he’s not higher is that along with those offensive flashes have been some solid brain farts in his own zone. There’s a lot to like, but being a more consistent player night-in and night-out will be key to see just how good of an NHL player Sanheim can be.

Paul (ranked him #5): Sanheim has taken tremendous steps this season in his development as a player and I can fully understand why some people have him ranked higher than I do. We all do things a bit differently with this list, so I’m not surprised to see some have him ranked ahead of Provorov. The reason I don’t is because 1) we’ve only seen this Travis Sanheim for a few months of this season and 2) he has a lot of refining to do in his game to be capable of reaching the same peak Ivan Provorov has already played at. That’s not to take anything away from Sanheim, as he’s been our best defenseman this season with maybe the exception of Radko Gudas, but I also believe a lot of that has to do with Hakstol and how poorly he deployed the defensive pairings in the beginning of the season. Sanheim can absolutely shoot up this list for me over the summer if his great play continues, as he has the tools to be a legitimate top-pairing defenseman, so I won’t rule out him taking over Provorov’s spot on this list. However, I don’t see that happening and fully expect Ivan Provorov to bounce back, reach his full potential, and be this team’s number one defenseman for years to come. For that reason, I have Sanheim at #5 on my list.

Kyle (ranked him #3): I fully expected Travis Sanheim to have a strong season this year, he has done that and so much more. After receiving the short end of the stick in ice time early on this season, since Rick Wilson was hired as Brad mentioned, Sanheim has handled the more difficult workload extremely well. Him and Ivan Provorov have been a stellar duo and I think it’s fair to say Sanheim has helped turn Provorov’s season around. There’s a strong case for naming Sanheim the Flyers’ best defenseman this season, and I can’t wait to see Sanheim’s role continue to expand.

4. Travis Konecny

Primary Team/League: Philadelphia, NHL
2018-19 Stats: 13 G, 15 A in 49 GP
Rank in Summer 25 Under 25: 3

Jake (ranked him #4): Teeks is so electric. He’s fast, he’s flashy, he gets under the opponent’s skin. He’s a treat to watch every night, even in an ugly season for the team. The best thing about him, in my opinion, is how much he’s grown as a driver and creator offensively. He went from being a pretty good supporting player who needed help getting to the offensive zone, to a guy who can create and drive play for his line. That’s not an insignificant development. Konecny has become a staple in the top 6 and rightfully so. He’s developing into a great 5-on-5 player and if they ever figure out that 2nd power play unit, he’ll start padding his stats all the more. The Flyers don’t have a ton of game-breakers on this roster, but Travis Konecny is certainly one of them.

Drew (ranked him #3): When Konecny is on Couturier’s wing, with Giroux complementing him, TK is lightning. He’s such a game-breaking force, and I really don’t know why the Flyers ever moved him away from Coots and G. When Giroux finds a streaking Konecny breaking for the net, you just know it’s gonna end up in a goal. The points may not be fully there this season, but he is clearly all there in terms of skill and electric play.

Mike (ranked him #4): Konecny has been one of the better Flyers by nearly every metric you can look at but the production hasn’t quite been there. Or it’s there, but it feels like there should just be more. He’s driving play at a great rate and that tells us that the points are bound to follow but they just haven’t as he’s a distant fourth in team scoring, 13 points behind Jake Voracek. It’s nitpicking because he’s still not even 22 yet, and his future as a dynamite top-six forward is all but a given, but can he score enough to stick as a bona-fide top line winger on a Stanley Cup contender?

Craig (ranked him #5): Konecny (aka Teeks, aka TK, aka The Jerk Store) is already an offensive threat for the team. The only reason I didn’t have him higher is I think the four guys I put in front of him all of higher ceilings, which speaks more to those four players than is a knock on Konecny.

Kelly (ranked him #5): Hey Craig? Same.

Brad (ranked him #4): I’d like to submit “The Neck” to your nicknames list, Craig. When together, the Giroux, Couturier, and Konecny is enough reason alone to tune in nightly. Konecny has the “it” factor that makes him a game-breaking talent, allowing him to takeover games at times. He may never be a defensive stalwart, but he doesn’t need to be. His production numbers are similar to that of last season, which is mildly disappointing — you always want to see forward progress — but he also has hit what feels like a ridiculous amount of posts this season. I’d like to see him reunited with Couturier at some point, I think their strengths mesh incredibly well together.

Kurt (ranked him #2): The only thing that gave me pause in putting Konecny here is positional value, in the sense that everyone else in his immediate vicinity plays a position probably more valuable than winger. But man ... is there a more offensively gifted player in these rankings? I don’t think there is. Is there a more fun-to-watch player in these rankings? I don’t think there is. Konecny’s insertion on the top line was one of two things that turned the Flyers’ season last year (we’ll get to the other thing a bit later in this post), and he’s been humming along at basically the same pace this season despite everything on this team being reliably crappy. As the guys in this countdown get older and start to develop more in this league, there’ll inevitably be questions about whether Konecny is a core piece or a support guy. Ignore them. He’s a boss.

Paul (ranked him #4): I don’t think we’ve seen all that Travis Konecny has to offer. There is a gear to his game that he reaches every now and then that makes you jump out of your seat and use multiple expletives at a damaging decibel level. I not only value the skill, speed, and creativity he has shown in the NHL for multiple seasons now, but also the importance of having a winger that can play with the best players in the world. Konecny is at his best when he’s complimenting skilled, smart players, because his speed and creativity allow him to make plays that often result into high-danger chances. He’s probably never going to carry a line, but what he can do as the rover on a line is remarkable and he adds a scoring touch that is highly sought after in this league. All of that, plus the fact that he’s incredibly fun to watch both during play, and after the whistle. His ability to get under the opposition’s skin can’t be overlooked and he just has such a blast out on the ice that his teammates seem to have a different jump when he’s on the ice.

Kyle (ranked him #5): Craig essentially summed up my view on Teeks pretty well. Also some of my reasoning lies behind I simply had higher expectations for Konecny. I thought he’d take a huge step this season and he just hasn’t done that yet. It’s not necessarily all his fault, and he’s been snakebitten for much of the year, but the numbers are the numbers. I fully expect him to have a strong second half though.

3. Nolan Patrick

Primary Team/League: Philadelphia, NHL
2018-19 Stats: 9 G, 8 A in 42 GP
Rank in Summer 25 Under 25: 2

Jake (ranked him #2): Nolan got off to another slow start this season, which was unexpected and frankly disappointing. Given how he finished last season and the fact that he had a full summer to train for the first time in 2 years, it was assumed that he would pick up where he left off at the end of 2017-18 and hit the ground running. Unfortunately, outside of a strong early road trip, that didn’t come to fruition and in a truly ugly first half of the season for the team, Nolan Patrick found himself right in the middle of it. The good news is, he seems to have turned a corner recently in his level of play. He’s looking more and more like the player we saw at the end of last season with each passing game. Given the slow start, I can understand why he’s slipped a bit in these rankings. In my mind, I tend to rate #1 defensemen highest, followed by #1 centers and then franchise goaltenders. Maybe he’s not a superstar, but I still see a potential 1C in Nolan Patrick. I think he has 1C potential as a shoot-first pivot who plays a 200 foot game. Patrick hasn’t hit the ground running the way we all hoped he would, but I still have great faith in him being a highly productive and valuable player for this team moving forward.

Drew (ranked him #6): Patrick has done more recently (thank you for the recent goals and that worldie vs Montreal) to make my ranking of 6 look foolish, but he did have a slow start as Jake mentioned. If he is gonna be a top tier player for the Flyers, or any NHL team, he’ll need to get rid of this trend. He even admitted as such in a recent interview. His recent performances however, have convinced me there’s more to come from the 20 year old. I really, really would like him to be the #1 center on this team, or at least the 2C to Frost at 1C.

Craig (ranked him #4): Confidence. When Patrick has confidence, he is a completely different player. He went from two assists in 24 games to six points in four games including two of the sassiest goals we’ve seen all season. The Flyers need to hire a coach that just hypes him up before each game or tricks Nolan into thinking each game in the first half of the season is actually the team’s regular season finale.

Kurt (ranked him #4): This ... this is tough. We’ve got three-ish months of NHL time from Patrick that suggests he’s a no-doubt top-6 center, at worst. We’ve also got a pair of three-month timeframes sandwiched on each side of those three months that have been a big struggle for Patrick. He’s dealt with injuries in those times, but it’s hard to deny that he’s just been invisible far more than you’d hope a guy who was a consensus number-one talent about two years ago would be. He’s shown some signs of life in recent weeks, and there’s something to be said about Playing With Confidence, which seems to be the thing his play kind of hinges on. Proving that he can do that in the remainder of this lost season will be big. Patrick, the second overall pick from 19 months ago, is going to get every chance to succeed. Let’s see him do it.

Brad (ranked him #5): Development isn’t linear, development isn’t linear, development isn’t linear. I keep telling myself this because hoo boy was his season shaping up to be a major disappointment. It will probably still look like that when the season has concluded, but lately he’s shown the ability to be an impact forward at the NHL level, just as he flashed in the second half of last season. They need him to become a consistent contributor, and I don’t doubt that he’ll be able to do just that. But he’s one spot behind Konecny for me because the latter has shown us more — a lot more — to date, and had similar production to Patrick’s current season in his own age-19 season.

Kelly (ranked him #3): You know, Nathan MacKinnon’s sophomore year was a let down, too. That turned out okay. Anyway, I’ve said this a million times, but I think the only real problem with Nolan Patrick is our expectations. When we won that lottery we expected that this kid was going to come in and light the world on fire and improve this team immediately. He didn’t. Bummer, sure. But he’s 20 years old. This is really his first healthy season in a long time and he got hurt this year too. He’s going to be very good. We just need to wait a bit for it.

Paul (ranked him #3): I, like Jake, rank a number one center right behind a number one defenseman in terms of “franchise importance”. Patrick has the potential to be a number one center in this league and for his line to take over as the top scoring threat for this team in the near future. I believe he can do it, so I have him ranked #3. I understand the slow start to this season, but let’s face it, the entire team sucked for over three months with the exception of Claude Giroux. What also goes into my ranking and where I place value is the importance of this player achieving his potential. It is ridiculously important that Patrick continues his improved play and ultimately reaches the potential of being a number one center for this team. He can do it. I believe in him.

Mike (ranked him #1): I know what you’re thinking, and no I didn’t submit my ballot directly after Patrick’s wizardry prior to the All-Star break. Frankly, while his season thus far has been disappointing, Patrick has all the tools to be franchise center in the league and that is supremely important. I love Sean Couturier, but Patrick has a better offensive upside and if Patrick is a legit No. 1 center, then Couturier slots in behind him to give the Flyers a Pittsburgh-style one-two punch down the middle. I also went Patrick here because the Flyers are super deep at defense and frankly Ivan Provorov hasn’t been the same this season. I love Carter Hart, but betting on 20-year-old goalies is super risky, and the one’s who have made it at this age are Hall-of-Fame guys. Hard for me to say that Hart is that right now so Patrick got the nod for me at the top.

Kyle (ranked him #4): No beating around the bush, this season has been a struggle for Nolan Patrick. I’ve been high on Patrick since I first started watching film on him for the 2017 draft, and was elated when the Devils passed on Patrick to take Nico Hischier. I need to see more from Patrick, despite the fact I still think he has elite potential in this league. When he’s on his game, and he’s attacking instead of letting the game come to him, he’s a special talent. There simply needs to be more of that in his game. If he has another second half like he did last year, he probably jumps up the rankings again.

T-1. Ivan Provorov

Primary Team/League: Philadelphia, NHL
2018-19 Stats: 4 G, 13 A in 49 GP
Rank in Summer 25 Under 25: 1

Jake (ranked him #1): I don’t think anything has confused me more this season than the play of Ivan Provorov. He’s struggling in every phase - underlying stats and eye-test - and it’s hard to explain. There’s been speculation about him changing his stick length or curve of his blade, injury, a confidence crisis. Whenever there’s multiple theories for a player’s struggles, you know it’s unexpected. You just watch him this year and he seems like a totally different player than the young future Norris winner we had the privilege of watching last season. All that said, I still believe in Ivan Provorov. Are there concerns? Eh, maybe. It’s obviously not good that he’s played so poorly overall this year. But given his track record in junior and his stellar finish to last season, I have a lot of confidence he will turn it around. At this point, I’m simply chalking it up to a down year until proven otherwise. He’s simply too talented and works too hard for me to believe that who we are watching this year is who he truly is as a player. At the end of the day, I still believe Ivan Provorov is the future anchor of this defense corps for the foreseeable future and for that reason, I have him at number one.

Drew (ranked him #5): I decided to rank Sanheim over Provy because Travis has clearly played better than Provorov this season. Do I think Provorov is worse than Sanheim? No. But if this trend continues, the Flyers are in trouble. Every time Provorov has looked better, he’s regressed back a few steps. I think in the end we’ll have to wait until next season to see what is up with the young Russian. It could be a lingering injury, and that would be a best case scenario rather than “Provorov can’t hockey anymore”. Again I think he’ll get out of this funk, but I couldn’t justify ranking him over the stellar Sanheim.

Craig (ranked him #2): Provorov is the future of the Flyers’ defense. I can’t explain what is happening with him this season, but it won’t last forever. Whenever he works his way through it this team will take a big step forward.

Kurt (ranked him #1): I don’t know. Provorov’s season this year is ridiculously hard to explain, particularly after we saw him take a big step forward in the second half last year and really look like the guy we thought we were getting in that 2015 draft. Even in those first 1.5 seasons where his underlying numbers weren’t great, he had microstats that were strong, and he certainly looked like a guy who knows how to be an effective defenseman in today’s game. Provorov’s ascendance was maybe the biggest reason the Flyers turned their 2017-18 season around, and his fall off the face of the earth this season is maybe the biggest reason why this team was out of the playoff race by the new year — certainly not to be confused as the only reason, but it very well might be the biggest. Maybe that’s why I put him down at #1 at the end of the day: because as much as anyone here, it seems like if this team is going to turn into a legitimate Cup contender within the next few years, it’s going to be because Ivan Provorov is the guy we think he can be. More than Carter Hart, more than Nolan Patrick, more than Shayne Gostisbehere — he’s gotta be the guy. And we know he can be that guy because we’ve seen it. Getting him right is the team’s biggest homework assignment going forward.

Brad (ranked him #2): In a season where chaos and confusion has been sky-high, Provorov’s play has far and away been the most confusing part to me. Visually — Hextall really ruined that word, didn’t he — Provorov doesn’t look like the same player that he was across his first two seasons, and whatever the reason for that may be, the Flyers desperately need it to stop. Besides getting him out of his funk, which I agree with Kurt in that being the team’s top priority moving forward, the second biggest thing is not breaking him and Sanheim up to close out the season. Let them continue to gain chemistry and continue to give them the top minutes. Provorov will be the team’s number one defenseman for years to come, and when he’s playing poorly, so does the team. The Flyers cannot afford a repeat performance of this year.

Kelly (ranked him #2): I’m choosing to live my life with the belief that Ivan Provorov’s first two seasons in the NHL are more of a representation of his true talents than this year is. You really can’t overestimate the importance of a steady, reliable, clear #1 defenseman and if he gets back to form, he’s going to be that for us. For the love of god, please let him be that for us.

Paul (ranked him #2): So, normally I would have him ranked #1, because normally I tend to agree with Jake in that a number one defenseman is the most important thing for a franchise to have as it relates to long term, consistent success. However, things are a little different with this franchise, which I’ll explain in my next ranking. Provorov has for sure struggled this season, no doubt about it. There are a lot of attributing factors to that struggle, but none I believe are greater than Dave Hakstol and how he ran our beloved Ivan into the ground for the first few months of the season. He was playing a lot of minutes against incredibly tough competition while the rest of the defense corps was being sheltered. I also think some issues may be stemming from his shoulder injury suffered during the 2018 postseason, which affected his ability to train during the off-season. Regardless, I fully believe that the real Ivan Provorov is the Norris-caliber defenseman we saw for the entirety of last season. He may have some kind of mental block right now, but I’m confident he’ll get it resolved and be a force to be reckoned with next season. Once Phil Myers is with the team and solidifies the second pairing, taking some of the burden off of Provorov, the “Big Cheese” will be back to his normal self, anchoring this blueline on the top pairing for the next decade-plus.

Mike (ranked him #2): There’s reason to be concerned with how Provorov has played this season, for sure. He’s played with almost everyone, and while there aren’t any Scott Niedermayer’s on this team, Provorov has been bad with each and every single one of them except for Andrew MacDonald —which is super weird. It sure looks like last seasons 17 goals were an aberration thanks to an elevated shooting percentage and his work on the power play has been dreadful. Who knows exactly what’s been his issue this season, but with all that said he just turned 22 and logs nearly 25 minutes a night and holds his own. Perhaps his contract status is weighing on him too heavily.

Kyle (ranked him #1): We all know Ivan Provorov hasn’t had the season we were expecting. He hasn’t looked like his confident and future Norris Trophy winning defenseman self, and he hasn’t even looked good at times. However, I truly think Provorov is getting better each game, or at the very least the confidence in him is growing where the points and better metrics will come. This isn’t what anyone of us expected or wanted, but we may just have to be patient with Provy. He’s still young, and playing some of the more difficult minutes a young defenseman can play in the NHL, he will be better.

T-1. Carter Hart

Primary Team/League: Philadelphia, NHL
2018-19 Stats: .922 SV%, 2.52 GAA in 13 GP
Rank in Summer 25 Under 25: 4

[Ed. note: Yes, Hart and Provorov finished with the exact same number of vote points. Hart is listed in the slot for the #1 player here because he received more first-place votes.]

Brad (ranked him #1): A perfect ranking for the perfect boy.

Jake (ranked him #3): As I explained in my Patrick blurb, franchise goalie comes in at #3 for me on my personal rankings. My reasoning for it is while goaltending is obviously important, I don’t believe you need a franchise goalie to win a Cup. Is it nice to have one? Uh, yeah! But it’s not necessary, in my opinion. All that said, Carter Hart has all the potential in the world to become a franchise goalie. He did unprecedented things at the junior level and after struggling to start the year in the AHL and a minor blip against the Hurricanes a few weeks ago, Hart is seemingly beginning to find his way in the NHL. The mere fact that he is holding his own in the NHL as a 20-year-old is pretty remarkable. For an organization that has struggled to find stability in net since Ron Hextall, Carter Hart has the potential to be that and more. He has people excited to watch hockey in Philadelphia, giving everyone hope that the goalie carousel has finally stopped turning.

Drew (ranked him #1): What can I say but WOW! Carter “Baby Shark” Hart has absolutely CRUSHED it so far. By crushed I mean he’s been a league average/above average against the Bruins goalie. For a 20 year old rookie goaltender, that’s very very very nice. Considering the absolute hellfire of Flyers historical goaltending in recent years, having Carter Hart steal games for the team makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Craig (ranked him #1): Dude’s 20 and already stealing games for the Flyers. We waited for his NHL arrival for awhile and it’s way too early to say he’s The Real Deal, but it’s difficult to not get excited about what we’ve seen from our young, beautiful, mature baby boy.

Kurt (ranked him #3): My internal distrust of goalies is why he’s not ahead of TK and Provorov on my ballot. We’ve been hurt too many times. BUT! There’s something to be said about guys that make that jump to the NHL level perhaps earlier than many expected them to and don’t at all look out of place, and to say that Hart hasn’t looked out of place is an understatement. He hasn’t been perfect so far, and teams will look for his weaknesses as they get more tape on him. But he’ll do the same thing, catching up with the tendencies and challenges of the pro game. It feels like both the floor and ceiling on Hart are very high, and we’re all right to be excited about him.

Kelly (ranked him #1): What is there even to say about this kid? He’s crushing. He is the keeper of all my hopes and dreams. He’s going to bring Claude Giroux a Cup.

Mike (ranked him #3): Man I did not think that the Carter Hart Kool-Aid would be flowing so hard in these rankings but his play since being called up has probably justified him taking the top spot. How Hart responded to his first real NHL disaster in Carolina has been phenomenal and he’s stealing games for the Flyers of late. When’s the last time you could say that a goalie has been stealing games FOR the Flyers? Pretty neat, I’d say.

Paul (ranked him #1): So, like I said in my Provorov ranking explanation, I would normally tend to agree with Jake about the importance of a franchise goaltender as it relates to that franchise’s future success. However, we’re talking about the Philadelphia Flyers here. This franchise has been starved for a true franchise goaltender for more than my entire lifetime of 29 years and then some, so the desperation factor is at play here. Not only that, but I place a ton of value in what Hart has been able to do with the demeanor of this team since being called up in mid-December. This team would previously crumble under the weight of playing in front of a goaltender that just could not make a save, or would allow a soft goal here or there. With Hart in net it’s a completely different feel from this team, which I think is going to expedite the turnaround process out of the hell that was the first half of this season. He can steal games, make tough saves, and bail his teammates out, which ultimately instills confidence into the group playing in front of him. There is nothing this team needs more than confidence, which is exactly what Hart gives them. Because of that, I have Carter Hart ranked number one.

Kyle (ranked him #2): It’s amazing what Carter Hart is doing. Not just the great numbers, but how he’s handled the pressure of being the number one goalie in Philadelphia. He’s the projected savior of goaltending in this city, and he’s living up to that right now. We can’t rush to any conclusions, and expect this to continue forever, but things are really fun right now when he is in net, and it’s fun to not have to worry about goaltending at least for a little while.

How We Voted For Players 5-1

Player Bill M Brad Craig Drew Jake Jason Joe John Kelly Kurt Kyle Maddie Mike Paul Steph Community Total Points Rank
Player Bill M Brad Craig Drew Jake Jason Joe John Kelly Kurt Kyle Maddie Mike Paul Steph Community Total Points Rank
Travis Sanheim 5 3 3 2 5 3 5 4 4 5 3 4 5 5 5 5 350 5
Travis Konecny 3 4 5 3 4 2 3 5 5 2 5 5 4 4 3 3 356 4
Nolan Patrick 4 5 4 6 2 4 4 3 3 4 4 3 1 3 4 4 358 3
Ivan Provorov 2 2 2 5 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 387 T-1
Carter Hart 1 1 1 1 3 5 1 2 1 3 2 2 3 1 1 1 387 T-1

How We Voted At 5-1

Rank Bill M Brad Craig Drew Jake Jason Joe John Kelly Kurt Kyle Maddie Mike Paul Steph Community
Rank Bill M Brad Craig Drew Jake Jason Joe John Kelly Kurt Kyle Maddie Mike Paul Steph Community
5 Travis Sanheim Nolan Patrick Travis Konecny Ivan Provorov Travis Sanheim Carter Hart Travis Sanheim Travis Konecny Travis Konecny Travis Sanheim Travis Konecny Travis Konecny Travis Sanheim Travis Sanheim Travis Sanheim Travis Sanheim
4 Nolan Patrick Travis Konecny Nolan Patrick Morgan Frost Travis Konecny Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Travis Sanheim Travis Sanheim Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Travis Sanheim Travis Konecny Travis Konecny Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick
3 Travis Konecny Travis Sanheim Travis Sanheim Travis Konecny Carter Hart Travis Sanheim Travis Konecny Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Carter Hart Travis Sanheim Nolan Patrick Carter Hart Nolan Patrick Travis Konecny Travis Konecny
2 Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Travis Sanheim Nolan Patrick Travis Konecny Ivan Provorov Carter Hart Ivan Provorov Travis Konecny Carter Hart Carter Hart Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov
1 Carter Hart Carter Hart Carter Hart Carter Hart Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Carter Hart Ivan Provorov Carter Hart Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Ivan Provorov Nolan Patrick Carter Hart Carter Hart Carter Hart