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No loser point? Victory!


Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Remember the New Year’s Eve game against the Carolina Hurricanes? This was basically that, but they tried a little bit harder.

The Flyers lost 5-3 at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday night, scoring all three goals (two on the power play!) between the 6:17 and 10:58 mark in the third period before allowing one more ‘Canes tally to put them away for good.

Listen to yet another 60-plus minute postgame rant, courtesy of the Director of Fun and Games, attempting to encapsulate the feelings of the fanbase following one of the most embarrassing first halves of a season in memory.

Tank update: The Flyers are tied with Ottawa and Los Angeles for the fewest points in the league.

Last. Place.