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Checking out the competition: St. Louis Blues

This team is bad too!

St. Louis Blues v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Blues are in town tonight. The Blues, who are currently living in the basement of the Western Conference. Just the thing a team on a six game losing streak needs! To play a team as messy as they are! Should be a real party. Anyhoo, we spoke with Brad Lee of St. Louis Game Time to preview this next game. We discussed:

  • Craig Berube’s time as the team’s head coach
  • The offensive struggles of the team, which is rather good on paper
  • The particular struggles of Vladimir Tarasenko, who should be a Flyers
  • Trade rumors surrounding our old pal Brayden
  • The future of the Blues

The game will air Monday at 7PM on NBC Sports Philly locally, and NHL Network outside the area. We’ll see how this one goes.