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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Oh whatever

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

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Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*THIS IS SO BORING. Damn it. Recap.

*Goal Scorer Brayden Schenn cannot BELIEVE that the Flyers and the Blues suck this badly. Well believe it, baby. [Courier-Post]

*Remember that time Flyers fans fought actual Blues hockey players? What a time. [BSH]

*You’ll shocked to learn that Wayne Simmonds ranks highly on this list of players likely to be traded this season. [The Athletic]

*Jori Lehtera won’t have to go to Finland to go to court for... you know... the drugs and stuff. []

*If you’re not on Twitter, you may have missed the Flyers’ worst idea in a long, long time. Which is really saying something. [Yahoo Sports]

*Mike McKenna has been a Flyer for about ten minutes and already he is the only source of joy in our lives. []

*And finally... so we hear you like the Eagles... [BSH]