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Checking out the competition: Washington Capitals

Oh good, another game.

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s time for the second game in this back-to-back start to the week, with the Flyers heading down to Washington to meet up with the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Adam Stringham of Japers’ Rink and Japers’ Rink Radio spoke with us to preview the game. Topics include:

  • Alexander Ovechkin skipping the All-Star Game
  • How finally winning it all changes a fan base
  • The stress that comes with bad underlying numbers
  • John Carlson, what’s his deal
  • Wayne Simmonds, the guy everyone wants on their team

Game kicks off at 730. Get it boys.

ed. Note: Adam thought we’d be seeing Braden Holtby but looks like the caps are going with Pheonix Copley