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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Losing in Lausanne

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Photo by Robert Hradil/NHLI via Getty Images

* Well, it did happen, but we’re going to chose to ignore it after this link here, sounds good? The Flyers lost to Lausanne HC yesterday and here’s the recap. [BSH]

* With the Flyers season beginning on Friday, the team still has a lot of decisions to make this roster cap compliant. Brad broke down some possibilities for Chuck Fletcher and co. [BSH]

* There are quite a few teams this season with new, or throwback jerseys this season, here’s a look at all of the confirmed ones so far. [CBS Sports]

* In an attempt to have a sort of “anthem” like Sunday Night Football on NBC, the NHL has a two year deal with Green Day for an opening song before Wednesday Night Hockey. [ESPN]

* The 2019-20 NHL season is but just days away, and you know what that means: power rankings. [Pro Hockey Talk]

* There hasn’t been a whole lot of news about the Seattle expansion franchise, but now we know they’re getting an expansion AHL team in Palm Springs. [Seattle Times]

* Travis Konecny is only an honorable mention on this list of possible breakout players, and I find that preposterous. [TSN]

* And finally, our very own Johan shares his expectations and thoughts on the 2019-20 Flyers, and the offseason moves that got us to where we are now. [BSH]