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Chris Stewart expected to sign with Flyers

And cue the public freak out!

Photo by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

As reported by TSN’s Frank Seravalli, the Flyers are expected to sign Chris Stewart, who has been on a PTO with the team, to a two-way contract. Stewart has garnered quite a good bit of ire from the fanbase ever since it was announced he was on a PTO with the team, and I’m sure this will only further that.

With how Connor Bunnaman has played in the fourth line left wing spot this season, one would anticipate Stewart either replacing him on that line at times or full-time. Of course with Nolan Patrick making the trip with the Flyers, and possibly expected to return shortly, that will change up the lines as well.

I can’t bring myself to make too big a deal of this until the coaches give us a reason to, especially with how the Flyers have looked to start this season. If Stewart starts playing far more than he deserves? Cool, we can talk about how this was a mistake. However, until then, this move is signing a 12th or 13th forward for a team that has looked very good to start the season. Let’s pump the brakes on panicking with this move, folks.

UPDATE: It’s actually a one-way deal, COME ON FRANK WE EXPECT BETTER (I kid, I kid)