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Oilers 6, Flyers 3: Yup

The Flyers thoroughly outplayed them and got blown out. It truly is hockey season.

Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

First Period

Alright getting off to a good start is key here after that debacle in Calgary so ... oh ok or that can happen. The Flyers started this game much like they did vs. the Flames by allowing 100 point player Leon Draisaitl to be wide open. That is certainly a bold strategy and no cotton, it did not pay off for them. 1-0 Brandon Manning’s.

A power play would soon follow and although the Flyers generated a few good looks, they just couldn’t seem to hit the net. Problem is, ya kinda need to hit the net to score in this sport called hockey! Crazy concept, I know.

The good news is, the power play would get another crack at it moments later and Jakub “Scoracek” Voracek tallied his first of the year on a bank shot that beat Mikko Koskinen. The slow start quickly turned into a solid one for the orange and black who controlled the pace of play for most of the period. Then all it took was one shot off the rush from Ethan Bear and the Oilers took the lead right back. There was some ... we’ll call it less than ideal backchecking on this goal, but Carter Hart has to make that save.

And that friends is how the period would end. It was certainly a better effort than the previous game and there were plenty of positives to take away from it, but they still came away down a goal.

Second Period

Would they continue that domination? You bet. They out-played, out-worked, out-you name it the Oilers and one would assume that would lead to goals. You know, playing well typically does lead to good things but ha, this is not your typical team. The Oilers flip one puck deep down the ice and poor Justin Braun is left alone to deal with the best player in hockey Connor McDavid breathing down his neck. If you didn’t watch the game and are reading this to know what happened, I’m sure you already guessed the outcome before you read this sentence.

With it being 3-1 Oilers, they’d go to the man advantage and judging by the way this game has gone up to this point I’m sure you know what’s coming next. The puck just bounces right to the tape of a wide open Ryan-Nugent Hopkins who of course beats Hart, and it’s 4-1 Oilers. They’d score again to make it 5-1 and I really don’t even feel like looking up who scored it to be honest. It was another dumb play followed by a dumb review of said play to figure out if the first shot went in before the second? I just ... NHL why are you the way you are.

Anyway, it would be 5-1 Edmonton in a game where the heatmap looked like this after the second period. Hockey is just really dumb sometimes guys, and I think this is one of those nights where we just have to take the L.

Third Period

Brandon Manning scored from Connor McDavid. That’s all I have to say about this period. Good night and not good hockey.

Actually, I lied, one last thought (thank you to our very own Brad for this gem):

UGH FINE FLYERS, SINCE YOU INSIST ON SCORING MEANINGLESS GOALS. Voracek and Lindblom scored, woo. 6-3 loss, boo.