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Friday Morning Fly By: Texas-sized 10-4

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

NHL: OCT 16 Flyers at Oilers

*It’s Dallas weekend, folks! Stars tomorrow, Birds and Cowboys Sunday. Smoke a brisket or something. Here’s what we learned from that last game out west. [BSH]

*Important to note that even Dave Tippett knows the Flyers were the better team on Wednesday night. [TSN]

*Also, Jake Voracek had a great game, which is nice to see. He clearly decided to use his demotion to the third line as motivation. [Inquirer]

*There has been a lot of good to note during this start, despite the losses. And one of the most notable things is the excellent play of Oskar Lindblom. [Flyers]

*The Flyers have played their first five games across three countries, a bunch of time zones, and tens of thousands of miles. To say they’ll be happy to be home feels like an understatement. [Inquirer]

*Phil Myers continues to prove he’s way too good to be an AHLer. [BSH]

*In other Phantoms news, they’ll be on television a bunch this year, which is fun. [BSH]

*The as-yet unnamed Seattle hockey club released its ticket prices and they seem pretty reasonable. Take note, the Flyers! [AP]

*This is fun: ESPN asks the analytics experts to tell us which advanced stat they hate the most. [ESPN]

*And finally, head in to your weekend with a power ranking, because sometimes you just need a mindless list on a Friday. [Sportsnet]