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Elliott’s revenge

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BAMF & Co. get a shootout win a week after dropping the same game

NHL: NOV 09 Flyers at Maple Leafs Photo by Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One week after losing an 11-round shootout to the Toronto Maple Leafs in Philadelphia, Brian Elliott and the Flyers went up to the Great White North and returned the favor, beating Ontario’s favorite team in yet another game that went beyond regulation and into the skills competition.

This game didn’t take nearly as long to reach its conclusion. While last Saturday’s breakaway session was a marathon that needed 22 shooters to decide the outcome, the standard three rounds were all the Flyers needed to pick up the extra standings point.

Claude Giroux blasted a clapper over Frederik Anderson’s shoulder in the bottom of the second round, William Nylander staved off defeat to net Toronto’s first of the shootout, and then Sean Couturier came through in the clutch once again, scoring his second straight game-winning goal (he beat Carey Price in OT on Thursday) to make everybody in Philly continue to ask themselves “just how good is this team?”

I try to not get too far ahead of things and enjoy the moment, but it’s hard not to think, “are they finally good?” That has been a recurring theme through all the BSH shows, and we cover it here as well. Plus a lot of other good ol’ hockey talk.