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Tuesday Morning Fly By: It’s Frost season, baby!

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Heather Barry / SB Nation

*New week, new BSH Brief for all of you fine folks. [BSH]

*The big news of the day! Morgan Frost was recalled from the Phantoms! [BSH]

*And some more on Frost’s call-up from our pal Charlie. [The Athletic]

*Looking for some help with your fantasy hockey team? Dom’s got you covered. [The Athletic]

*Is it too early to be talking about the 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame class? Apparently not. [TSN]

*Would you look at that. Gary Bettman’s talking again. [Sportsnet]

*It’s not really clear if there’s any smoke behind this one, but if Johnny Gaudreau might be on the trade block, well, that’s relevant to our interests. [The Athletic]

*The Leafs are in a definite rough patch right now, but who’s to blame? [Pension Plan Puppets]