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Flyers finish off their amazing November with overtime win over Canadiens

It’s Ivan Provorov’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

Three Stars

1. Ivan Provorov

The Flyers’ number one defenseman was up to his usual antics in this one, and continued his impressive season so far. Provorov was amazing for the Flyers, making crisp breakout passes, playing strong defense, and even throwing the body around effectively. This season so far has put to rest the worries of Provorov in the offseason, and while it feels like we’re saying that every game now, it still rings true. Oh and he also scored a ridiculous coast-to-coast goal to win the game. Holy hell that was amazing.

2. Kevin Hayes

Truly did not think I would be putting Hayes in the three stars after the first period of this game, but man did he turn it on. After struggling mightily in the first, passing up on at the very least two open shooting lanes, Hayes scored in the second after a sweet find from Joel Farabee. Hayes continues to stay hot, with four goals in his last six games.

3. Brian Elliott

Moose was amazing in this game after a clunker of a first goal. He allowed one he shouldn’t have, then rebounded to save the Flyers behind’s on multiple occasions. Elliott kept the game close and probably got interfered with on the third goal. He’s been so great for this team as a backup to Carter Hart, and he continued that trend today. Without him, the Flyers probably don’t secure a point out of this game, let alone two

4. Ivan Provorov (again)


Answering the bell

1. Is Shayne Gostisbehere fixed?

Maybe? He definitely seems a bit more confident and is skating the puck up with a purpose. He was also getting many more shots through on goal, and not hesitating when he had an opportunity to shoot. It’s two games, but it looks like Ghost might be getting back to the player we all know he can be.

2. How good is this penalty kill?

So, so damn good. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been this confident in a Flyers’ penalty kill, but these guys are great. There’s so little time for teams to do anything against either unit, and every player has the right mentality. It’s fitting that as I was typing this, the Habs scored the goal to make it 3-3, but still, the penalty kill is damn good.

Play of the night

This was a pretty easy pick, the tic-tac-toe goal from Konecny was flat out awesome.

It’s the Provorov goal, there’s no other answer.