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Flyers fourth line center carousel continues

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So long The Germ, and hello again Meesh.

Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

In a seemingly never-ending revolving door of bottom six players, the Flyers have sent down German Rubtsov and recalled Mikhail Vorobyev.

Rubtsov returns to the AHL and the Lehigh Valley Phantoms after just three games with the Flyers. Rubtsov registered zero points in those games, and had just one shot while averaging just 7:35 minutest a game. He’ll go back to the Phantoms where he had six points in seven games before being called up.

Coming back to the Flyers is Mikhail Vorobyev, who in his first stint with the big club this season had one point in five games with four shots, averaging just over nine minutes a game. Vorobyev has four points in eight AHL games this season.

The search for consistency on the fourth line continues for the Flyers, as seemingly nothing has worked for extended periods of time. It doesn’t help that they’ve had some key injuries to the bottom six, but at some point it has to be better. Vorobyev gets another shot here to prove what he can do, and it’s safe to say if he doesn’t, he won’t be up here for too long.