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Flyers’ winning streak ends at five as they fall 3-1 to the Coyotes

That game was frustrating, to say the very least.

Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Three stars

1. Darcy f’in Kuemper

I mean, what the hell were the Flyers supposed to do with this dude in net. He’s off to a ridiculous start this year, and of course he stands on his head yet again tonight.

2. Brian Elliott (probably)

Elliott may not have had a whole lot to do in this game, but he was sharp nonetheless. He continues to put together a fine season and allow the Flyers to not miss a beat when Carter Hart sits. All in all, he made 15 saves 17 shots which sadly makes for a not-great save percentage, but that’s what happens when the other team just doesn’t shoot the damn puck.

Seriously Coyotes fans, how the hell do you watch that and enjoy yourselves?

3. Matt Niskanen

He got the Flyers lone goal, and played an overall solid game. Hard to pick three stars out of that supposed “hockey game” that was just played, but there you have it.

Answering the bell

1. Will the offense sputter?

I guess you could say so? Obviously, they didn’t score many goals tonight, but they had numerous great opportunities to. After a sluggish first period, the Flyers really started getting some high danger chances on Kuemper, but either missed the net, had the shot blocked, or Kuemper stood on his head to make the save. There was also a bit too much passing from the offense in seemingly high danger areas, which is something we’ve seen too much of lately.

2. Can Elliott stay sharp?

Although he didn’t have to face a whole lot of shots, Elliott was indeed sharp. Games like this can be brutal for goalies going extended minutes without seeing a shot, but he was up to the task.

Play of the night

It’s the Niskanen goal, in arguably the least exciting “play of the night” we’ve had this season.

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