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Alumni Showdown: Flyers Alumni vs. Snider Hockey Alumni

Come out and see a fun hockey game AND help kids get a hockey rink!

2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - Alumni Game Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

With the excitement of the Stadium Series game coming up, the Flyers Alumni decided to get involved in all of the fun. Broad Street Hockey spoke with Brad Marsh, former Flyers defenseman and current president of the Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, about the upcoming hockey game between alumni of the Flyers and alumni of the Snider Hockey program. This is going to be a great event featuring the now adults who might’ve never had the opportunity to play hockey if not for the Mr. Snider and his foundation. Flyers Alumni that will be making playing include Kimmo Timonen, Scott Hartnell, Danny Briere, Marsh, Joe Watson, and more - Bob Kelly will be behind the benches as the head coach.

Per Brad, when Mr. Snider passed, the Flyers alumni pledge to raise $2 million to build a hockey rink for the kids of the Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. Rather than break ground on a new arena, the foundation decided to partner with the University of Pennsylvania to renovate the Class of ‘23 rink for year-round use by the foundation. This is actually pretty cool, given that the Flyers used to practice at that rink during the early days of the team.

This is going to be a really fun event - everyone who is anyone for the Flyers is going to be there. Lou Nolan will be announcing the game, Lauren Hart is singing the anthem, Willie O’Ree is going to drop the puck, and Broad Street Hockey will be there to create content for fans that can’t attend!

First things first, if you would like to attend the event, tickets are a super affordable $15 with all proceeds going towards that $2 million goal. The game will take place at the Class of ‘23 Arena on Friday February 22nd at 7pm, doors will open at 6pm.

If you are unable to attend, we have you covered. We’re asking for a donation to Snider Hockey in exchange for our content - we’re offering both audio and video on our Patreon and all money collected will be donated to Snider Hockey.

Last week on our Patreon, we had exclusive interviews with Brad Marsh and Bob Kelly about the event, their time as Flyers, and how they plan to treat new rookie Scott Hartnell — you can find those below. Presently, there is an interview with Joe Watson about how much fun these Flyers Alumni games are and why he keeps doing them. We will be collecting donations through the end of February, at which time the options will be closed so there will be no charge for March.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday the 22nd if you're able to attend, otherwise we’re thrilled to share the full experience with you.