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Monday Morning Fly By: lol Pens

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Heather Barry

*Listen, they might be ahead of us in the standings, and their team might make the playoffs, and whatever they won some Cups but today? Who cares. Saturday night the Flyers came all the way back from down 3-1 to beat the Penguins in overtime, outside, and it was GLORIOUS. Here’s what we learned. [BSH]

*Happy Deadline Day!! We hope you all enjoy your TradeCentre-ing and your TradeTracker-ing or your Sportsnet-ing, if that’s your jam. It’ll be interesting to see where the Flyers end up after today, and it’s been a while since we’ve been able to have some real expectations at deadline day. In fact, last week’s terrible hockey was probably for the best. [BSH]

*We may be in our final hours of the Wayne Simmonds era, which sucks. But the send off he got Saturday night was amazing. [NBC Sports Philly]

*We all spent a lot of time being worked up about Carter Hart not starting the outdoor game, but turns out the whole time the kid’s been hurt. And now we are without him for at least ten whole days. [BSH]

*The Flyers don’t have a ton of Deadline Day magic in their history, but they’ve done some things. As such, a retrospective. [BSH]

*Back to Saturday; the conditions for outdoor hockey were not ideal. But what’s cool is the ice making dudes have gotten so good at this thing that really, the conditions don’t matter all that much anymore. [AP]

*How about those Phantoms? [BSH]

*Our old pal Scott Hartnell has landed himself a television job and who could possibly seem more suited for television? [NBC Sports Philly]

*A dad mic’d up his little tiny TimBit hockey playing kid and it is SO FUNNY. [BarDown]

*And finally, as usual, the real star of the show Saturday night was Gritty. Read his diary, you’ll die laughing. Truly a national treasure at this point. [NBC Sports Philly]