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Carter Hart entered in NHL Network’s save of the year competition

A save so nice you could watch it twice. Or three times. Or four. Who are we to judge?

Winnipeg Jets v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Surely you’ve all seen Carter Hart’s incredible diving save on Nikolay Goldobin by now, and now Hart has been entered into NHL Network’s Save of the Year Champion competition. There hasn’t been a lot of good to come out of this season, so given the opportunity, why not put all our power into something positive — you know, like Carter Hart. The bringer of positivity and happiness.

He’s up against the Chicago Blackhawks’ Colin Delia in this round of the competition, and With 90% of the vote through the first 955 responses, it’s safe to say he has this on lock. But if you’d still like to have your presence felt, you’ve got just over two hours to do so.

This is a season-long competition, so assuming the percentages hold, he’ll be named the current champion and will get challenged over the following weeks. Keep tabs by watching the NHL Network on TV, or through their Twitter account, and let’s have some fun with this by seeing how long we can keep Hart on top.