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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Better eight than never

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Carter Hart and friends news and notes…

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*10 observations from yet another win, and another impressive performance from Carter Hart, this time over Vancouver. [BSH]

*Our pal Charlie gives his own observations as well! He too thinks Hart is pretty darn swell. [The Athletic]

*A look at how the prospects have fared through the lens of NHL equivalency. Here’s a hint: Morgan Frost? Pretty good! But you knew that already. [BSH]

*This was already discussed some in yesterday’s Fly By comment section, but the Leafs by far had the biggest headline of the day when news broke that Auston Matthews signed a massive five year contract worth $58.17 million. That’s a $11.634M cap hit! [The Athletic]

*Lately things have been good for the Flyers, but the way they’ve started games, among other things, isn’t exactly ideal. There’s still things to fix. [Courier-Post]

*One of the main reasons behind said things being good has been the play of Carter Hart. Some more on his excellence. [The Point]

*On one of the highest-risers in the hockey analytics community, and how the New Jersey Devils’ Mental Health Awareness night came to fruition. [The Athletic]

*How @Ron and @chuckfletcher have dealt with Flyers Twitter being, well, Flyers Twitter. A familiar name makes an appearance. [Courier-Post]

*Take a trip down memory lane as Bill Meltzer looks at ten of the Flyers biggest regular season wins following their 2,000th on Monday. [Flyers]

*Continuing with our mini history lesson this morning, take a look at the Flyers’ draft history overseas. [BSH]

*And probably the most important note to Flyers fans comes from TSN: ”More likely than not, they will in fact still trade Wayne Simmonds ... they have to get assets for a guy they know they’re not going to sign.” [TSN]

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