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Friday Morning Fly By: Hopes, waning

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

*Well, they tried. Leafs tonight. Gotta shake that one off fast. RECAP!

*Remember Joffrey Lupul? That was a good time. [BSH]

*A lot has improved, results-wise, with this team since the coaching change put Scott Gordon in charge. Gord thinks there is still a lot of room for improvement for the power play. [Courier-Post]

*One of the areas that has very clearly improved since the regime change is the play of several of the Flyers’ key defensemen, and that is likely a direct result of Rick Wilson’s influence. Charlie spoke with the assistant coach to dig into his process a little. [The Athletic]

*Gord’s also done a fine job turning the penalty kill around. []

*This ranking of future NHL franchise goalies is behind a paywall, but the relevant text for you is available in the preview so ennnnjoy. [ESPN]

*We’ve seen the exciting way that Nolan Patrick can play the game in the second half of this season. But what should we expect going forward? [BSH]

*Speaking of goalies (we were, shut up), if you ever needed proof that they are absolute voodoo and attempting to understand their career performance is futile at best, look no further than the fact that Petr Mrazek remains one of the top reasons the Canes are looking at the playoffs this year. [The Hockey News]

*I (and by extension, you, if you click the links. You click the links, right? Please?) will read any and every oral history on the birth of Gritty so, please to enjoy. [ESPN]

*And finally, new BSH Radio to take you into the weekend! Go outside and enjoy the sun today, friends. [BSH]