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Couturier got to 30 goals, that’s something at least

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Postgame reaction following 3-1 loss to Montreal

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

On Fan Appreciation Night at the Wells Fargo Center, Andrew MacDonald suited up in a Philadelphia Flyers uniform for hopefully the last time. That’s it. That’s my lede.

Sean Couturier scored the lone Philly goal to bring his total to 30 for the second straight season, while Carter Hart was good, stopping 33 of 35 Montreal Canadiens shots, but not good enough to beat his childhood idol, Carey Price, who allowed just one goal on 33 shots.

With the flu making its way through the orange and black’s dressing room, the Flyers looked as if they were all displaying symptoms, unable to find that extra gear necessary to defeat a team they’re chasing in the wild card standings.

When every game for two months is a “must win,” disappointment is inevitable. But if the back-to-back losses to Washington and Toronto weren’t the final nails in the coffin last week, this defeat certainly felt like it.

The Flyers now trail the Habs by five points, Columbus by six and Carolina by nine, with nine games remaining. That will just about do it, folks.

Listen to the postgame. It’s worth it. Why would I lie?