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Thursday Morning Fly By: Thinking about the Double Doink

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

*If you want to relive the magic from Tuesday’s lifeless loss to the Montreal Canadiens, Maddie has you covered. [BSH]

*...while Bill had the reaction. [BSH]

*...and Heather had the photos. [BSH]

*Lol 69.4 percent. Gritty rules. [Pro Hockey Talk]

*That’s the stuff. [Yahoo]

*How will the New York Islanders respond to losing John Tavares’ replacement? [Lighthouse Hockey]

*The Buffalo Sabres’ season has taken a turn for the worse, but at least Rasmus Dahlin is good at hockey. [Die By The Blade]