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Flyers recall Justin Bailey from Lehigh Valley Phantoms

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Moves, baby!

Casey Liberatore / SB Nation

He’s back, gang! Since being loaned to the Phantoms exactly a week ago today, Justin Bailey is back with the big club. Just to recap, he’s now played 18 games in the Flyers organization since being traded for Taylor Leier. He’s played five with the Flyers, and has yet to record his first point with them, but in his 13 games with the Phantoms, he’s totaled six goals and two assists for eight points. Good talk.

But now for the bigger question, what does all of this mean?

It’s certainly a merit call-up for Bailey, as he’s been performing well with the Phantoms down in Allentown. But there’s also the question of other injured Flyers. Jake Voracek missed their last game in New York with a lower body injury, and Nolan Patrick took a puck to the ear and is skating on the other rink, not with his teammates at practice this morning (our pal Charlie tells us). We haven’t received official word that either of them will definitely miss time, and Bailey’s recall hasn’t been listed as an emergency recall, at least not yet, not publicly.

So what does that all boil down to? Either no one will miss time and Bailey was a just-in-case call up—in which case, the Flyers only have one more recall left for the rest of the season—or one of them will miss time and it’s actually an emergency recall and we just haven’t been told that. And the Flyers will be back to having two regular recalls left. It’s a little mysterious right now, but we’re doing the best with what we have, and we’ll keep everybody updated as we find out more.