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Elimination and aftermath

Postgame reactions following a pair of weekend losses

NHL: New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Well, now it’s officially over.

A Saturday afternoon loss to the Carolina Hurricanes to knock the Flyers out of playoff contention followed by one of the most boring hockey games ever played in a shutout loss to the New York Rangers on Sunday afternoon has sealed the fate for our Philadelphia Flyers.

When the highlights of the weekend are a Corban Knight assist and a couple of Carter Hart saves facing two forwards without a defenseman in sight, it’s pretty clear that things aren’t going the Flyers’ way.

And now all we have to do is wait for Chucky 2Trades to get his offseason started. Get a coach. Get a 2C. improve the scoring and defensive depth. Figure out who will be splitting time with Hart. Go do it, Charles.