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Wednesday Morning Fly By: How are we feeling?

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*Have we all settled in? Cool. Here’s five things we can probably assume about Chuck’s plans based on his choice of head coach. [NBC Sports Philly]

*One thing we can be reasonably sure of is that Big Al is going to have some work to do with the overall mindset of this roster. [BSH]

*Charlie has given his thoughts on the hire, which are, as always, worth reading. [The Athletic]

*Should we worry that the game has passed Vigneault by? [BSH]

*One thing that can’t be denied: dude has a good track record. []

*We thought it might be fun to get some perspective on Al from the folks who used to cover him, so we asked our pals at Nucks Misconduct to offer some insight into AV’s time in Vancouver. It’s mostly good! [BSH]

*Then we asked the Rangers people. It is ah... less good. Can probably assume the reality for us will land somewhere in the middle. [BSH]

*In honour of the epic collapse of the best team the league has seen in decades - or so we thought - DGB brings us a look at some other powerhouse teams that ended up choking in the playoffs. [The Athletic]

*And finally... new Flyperbole! Surely you will enjoy the rational and measured takes about the new coach. [BSH]