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Flyers picking 11th in the 2019 Entry Draft

This draft is cursed

2018 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Did we enjoy watching all of that playoff preview content before NBCSN finally got on with it and got to the actual Draft Lottery? It was a whole lot of content, pushing the start time that we thought was 8:00 to 8:30, even if it was actually 8:30 all along.

Speaking of pushed, the Flyers! We thought they were going to be picking 10th but with Chicago jumping into the top three, the Flyers were pushed to the 11th pick. Not a massive difference, but still less than ideal.

The news gets a little worse, too, with the Devils getting the first overall pick, and the Rangers getting the second. That’s right, that’s a pretty big influx of talent coming into the Metro that we’re staring down. So that’s cool and fun and not upsetting at all.

It is what it is, at this point, and the Flyers are still in position to get a pretty good player with that 11th pick, assuming they hold onto it (and who knows, maybe they use it in a deal! Let’s get wild!). This is our first step to the draft, and we’ve got content coming! 11th overall, and whoever goes with that pick, here we come!