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Wednesday Morning Fly By: It’s only May

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*It’s going to be a long summer. And apparently we are going to talk about prospects! Isaac Ratcliffe got some attention yesterday on the back of his team’s come-from-behind win in the OHL Western Conference Final. [Flyers]

*And as such, feels like a good time to examine a case for his making the team next season. [BSH]

*One of the questions still unanswered for the Flyers is that of the backup goaltender. We can guess it’ll be Cam, but we don’t know for sure yet. So, what is a reasonable expectation for a #2 netminder? [Habs Eyes On The Prize]

*So Travis Sanheim was pretty good once released from the shackles of Dave Hakstol, huh? [Flyers]

*The mock drafts have begun, and this one here will annoy you a lot, given that the Flyers fell to 11 because of the stupid insufferable Devils. [Yahoo Sports]

*The Carolina Hurricanes are apparently very good at multi-tasking. [TSN]

*31 Thoughts, of which there are many about the Penguins floundering. Which is fun. [Sportsnet]

*This is a heavy piece of writing, but sometimes it’s nice to remember why we all love hockey so much, even if it comes from a place of sadness. [Raw Charge]

*And finally, new Flyperbole! The boys have a special guest this week so you won’t want to miss it. [BSH]