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Thursday Morning Fly By: I miss Gritty

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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2019 NHL All-Star - Fan Fair

*Late yesterday morning the Flyers locked up another one of their prospects, as Kirill Ustimenko signed his ELC. [BSH]

*Radko Gudas, winner of team awards, occasional smasher of heads, and rather steady blueliner had himself a respectable season, despite the Flyers’ general floundering. [Flyers]

*We’ve talked a lot about which free agents the Flyers should think about targeting, but who might be available via trade? We’re going division by division to take a look at possible trade partners and first up is the Atlantic. [BSH]

*Robert Hagg: he sure does do hits! [Flyers]

*We all know that the time has come to pay Ivan Provorov his money. But how much money has he earned? Charlie takes a deep dive into the comparables to try and predict what kind of cap hit we’ll be looking at. [The Athletic]

*On the good and the bad of the 2018-19 Flyers season. [BSH]

*Have you been wondering how the Phantoms did overall this season? Oh, you have? Well you’re in luck, friend, because we are grading them. First up, the goalies. [BSH]

*Every year when the Hart Trophy nominees are revealed, there is a lot of consternation about what kind of player does or does not deserve to be considered. How do we fix this? DGB has ideas. [The Athletic]

*More information is coming out of the documents related to the concussion lawsuit filed against the league and good lord, do they continue to look very, very bad. [TSN]

*And finally, new BSH Radio! We dive a bit into the aforementioned trade ideas and consider the very exciting prospect of an offer sheet. [BSH]