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So Gritty is in NHL20, and it’s the coolest thing ever

We don’t know how good the game will be, but the fact that it’s got our guy in it certainly makes it trend upwards.

Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

There isn’t a whole lot going on in the hockey world, but even when there’s nothing going on it seems like Gritty is around to steal the spotlight.

This time it’s the Flyers’ lovably ridiculous mascot making his debut in EA Sports’ NHL franchise. That’s right, Gritty will be on display in full force for NHL20, which is probably cooler than the actual playable team will be in the game.

EA pumps out sports titles year after year and their NHL series has generally been very well received over the years, not suffering some of the infamous gaffs that have plagued their Madden series. If you’re curious about just how bad that series can be, there’s a treasure trove of YouTube clips out there that are just too funny.

NHL20 gets released in about a month on September 13th, but you can play the beta right now and —of course— pre-order the game in the meantime.

As for Gritty, you can see him in all his glory in the Flyers’ tweet above, but our own Brad Keffer gave a bunch of folks on Twitter a great look at the best mascot in the league a few days ago through the beta. Naturally, the Flyers are on the comeback trail against the Sabres.

Seriously Gritty is the freaking best, folks.

Sometimes EA sends BSH a copy of their latest NHL series to play and review, so hopefully that happens again for NHL20 and we can do a deep dive on the game and hopefully get plenty more Gritty celebrations.