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First look: Kevin Hayes in Orange and Black

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That is 100% the look of a guy who really doesn’t want to be a Flyers.

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

If you were wondering just how prized free agent acquisition Kevin Hayes would look in a Flyers jersey (sort of), well you’re in luck!

Clearly the look of a guy who doesn’t want to be there, am I right? Anyways, the Flyers are stuck with him whether he cares of not by virtue of that massive seven-year, $50 million deal that general manager Chuck Fletcher inked him to this summer.

But that's just fine because Hayes slots in as a No. 2 center for a team badly in need of one given the slow development of former No. 2 overall pick Nolan Patrick. Hayes is coming off a career-high 55 points and should be able to top that with an increased power play role as well as high-end offensive wingers like Jakub Voracek, James van Riemsdyk, or Travis Konecny at his disposal.

The Flyers’ Twitter account is really into Hayes, already sucking up to try and get him to like his new threads a bit more.

Even if you weren’t absolutely dying to spend your prime years in a Flyers jersey, the colors don’t look half bad on you, Kev.