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Monday Morning Fly By: Can’t make the club in the tub

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

*Over the course of this weekend it really became Flyers season, as training camp rolled right into tonight’s first preseason game. And to start the weekend off, we learned that Nolan Patrick is hurt. Again. As an extremely brilliant man (Bill) once said, players that are hurt all the time get hurt all the time. [NBC Sports Philly]

*If you weren’t able to make it to Voorhees to see the action for yourself, Bill Meltzer offers a recap of what’s been happening. Day one’s rundown involves a little more about Patrick, day two gives you a little more insight into who is standing out.

*Charlie also did his usual fantastic job at breaking down all of the battles that were a part of training camp’s first weekend. [The Athletic]

*On day two, some of the kids got to see what it’s like to play with guys as good as Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier. [NBC Sports Philly]

*Speaking of Cap, being a new dad has given him more motivation than ever to prove he’s one of the best to ever wear the orange and black. [Inquirer]

*Rewinding a little to last week’s big news, let’s take a look at that Ivan Provorov contract and see how well we did. [BSH]

*One of the other big names on the RFA defenseman list, Charlie McAvoy signed yesterday. Some (me) would say that the Bruins did a better job than Chuck did. [The Hockey News]

*The Mitch Marner/Toronto Maple Leafs saga finally ended over the weekend too, and Mitch got quite a lot of money. The response isn’t all positive from Leafs Nation. [Pension Plan Puppets]

*Anyhoo, back to the Flyers. It would appear that Kevin Hayes is already positively impacting the team. [NBC Sports Philly]

*In fact, Hayes will be front and center in tonight’s preseason opener. [Inquirer]

*Travis Konency remains unsigned, and if you believe the chatter, it isn’t even close to happening. Seems like a problem. He’s been good, but if we’re being honest, he’s still a bit of a gamble. [BSH]

*So what if uh... what if they just trade him? [BSH]

*Chris Stewart is the kind of guy you’d like to root for. Seems like a good dude, everyone loves and redemption arc, etc. But... ugh don’t put him on this roster, Chuck. [Inquirer]

*We talk a lot from time to time about how despite the flaws, Ron Hextall deserves enduring credit for turning this team around. And Sean Couturier is the prime example, really. [Inquirer]

*And finally, Mitch Marner was never going to leave Toronto, to be sure, but one Flyers fan tried to sell him on Philly just in case. And it was a good sell. [NBC Sports Philly]