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Four days into training camp, Flyers sign Travis Konecny to contract extension

No more contract talks, let’s play some hockey.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ll excuse me for a second ...


Alright, that’s better. The Philadelphia Flyers have extended forward Travis Konecny to a six year $33 million contract giving him an AAV of $5.5 million over those six seasons. After extending Ivan Provorov last Thursday, we wondered how long until the Konecny deal would be reached, if at all.

But today, the Flyers themselves sent out this tweet leaving fans everywhere refreshing their twitter feed endlessly for about 14 minutes.

Then, the Flyers announced the deal with this tweet and a wave of relief hit Flyers nation. No more contract talks, no more wondering about hold outs, it’s all over. The only thing left to do is kick back, and get ready for what could be a very exciting season of Flyers hockey. Oh, and the contract is pretty damn good too if I might add.

Now let’s get this season started, ya nerds.