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NHL FanPulse: NHL fans STILL think the Flyers are a playoff team

Let’s hope they’re right.

NHL: JAN 13 Bruins at Flyers Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As promised in the first week of the season, I asked the FanPulse voters the same question I started the series with: Which teams that made/missed the 2018-19 postseason were going to miss/make it to the playoffs this season?

This is how the people voted in October:

So, how have the last three months affected how people feel about the playoffs? Let’s take a look. First, the teams that won’t make the postseason this year:

People are feeling more confident about the New York Islanders and Dallas Stars, which shows in the standings. The other three teams are pretty far out of the playoff hunt so it makes sense they are on this list.

The top three teams on this poll were huge favorites, well, lest favorites? I’m not sure which applies here, but the last two teams listed did not receive as many votes as one would assume they had due to their inclusion on the graphic.

Now, the teams that are expected to make the playoffs this season after missing last season:

Look at those Arizona Coyotes right there at the top! Phil Kessel and Taylor Hall will do that to a team, huh? Or do I stay on brand and credit all of their success to Jakob Chychrun? Either way, unless there is a catastrophic collapse in their future, the desert dogs should in fact make the playoffs this season. People are a little less confident in the Edmonton Oilers than they were in October, but still enough for them to get second place in voting. And there are the Flyers, solidly holding down the third spot! They are followed once again by the Florida Panthers, which is hopefully how it plays out in the actual standings come April.

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