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Flyers momentum halted with 4-1 loss to Canadiens

Not too much to be happy about with this one.

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Three Stars

1. Joel Farabee

As the lone Flyers’ goal scorer in this one, it kinda had to be him, right? Farabee ended a long goalless drought, and overall played a solid game in limited minutes. Hopefully this goal can turn things around for the kid, who after a good start has struggled a bit to find ice time and consistently strong play.

2. Phil Myers

After a truly horrible game vs. St. Louis, Myers rebounded very well tonight. I liked his game and thought he made a ton of good reads defensively and offensively, staying aggressive but also keeping his head and not getting too ahead of himself. If he can build off of this game and keep these performances coming, he’ll be just fine.

3. Alex Lyon

I do want to clarify that I don’t think Lyon was great by any means. However, given the circumstances, I think he had a solid game and kept the Flyers in it. He didn’t receive a whole lot of help from the offense, and it’s hard to fault him too much for any of the goals against.

(Also who the hell else was I going to pick? This game sucked.)

Two loose thoughts

1. Officiating continues to be awful

Look, NHL referees have one of if not the toughest job out of major sports’ referees. But my god, the officiating in the Blues game and now the game tonight has just been horrendous. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was consistently bad for both sides, but it really seems like it’s only been bad for the Flyers. Is there some bias driving that statement? Probably, but the officiating needs to be better, period.

2. Speaking of awful, the power play

Ok that’s more of a joke, because the process of the power play was honestly pretty good tonight. They generated a ton of chances, just couldn’t finish. But hey, that’s the name of the game in this sport and while it’s good to see the process get better, results have to come. At some point, they have to put Giroux back on the left, right?

Play of the game

Kind of obvious here, but it’s the Farabee goal. He loves this move on the rush and he got it to work, and was rewarded with a goal just seconds later.