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Friday Morning Fly By: Go away, Michel

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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Heather Barry

*The power play is a train wreck. Enough already. Last night’s game was bad. Dod you miss it? GOOD FOR YOU. RECAP.

*Still feeling good about that road win, not sure about you guys. But here’s what we learned from beating the best in their own barn. [BSH]

*Charlie’s got ten things, mostly on the Good Things these boys have been doing the last few games. [The Athletic]

*On Travis Konecny, who is finally getting the recognition he deserves for being both very good and very hilarious. [Inquirer]

*The Department of Player Safety is quickly losing control of the league it is meant to police. [ProHockeyTalk]

*And finally... which draft in the cap era would make the best six-man starting lineup? You’ve been wondering about this for a while, I’m sure. Good thing DGB has the answers. [The Athletic]