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Every game should just be played in Philly (or Prague)

Postgame 1/2

NHL: JAN 02 Flyers at Golden Knights Photo by: Marc Sanchez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Obviously I want you to listen to the postgame podcast. But after that, let’s just pretend this trip out west never happened.

Except for the Travis Konecny goal. This is a thing of beauty.

Other than that, not much good to report on this one. The Flyers kicked off 2020 the same way they ended 2019- surrendering four goals in the first period. Philly outshot Vegas 26-15 over the last 40 minutes, and out-scored them 2-1, but the hole they dug in the opening frame was too deep.

The orange and black certainly made it interesting at the end, and the Golden Knights took a pair of penalties in the closing minutes to create a 6-on-3 scenario for the Flyers, but the offense just couldn’t put the equalizer by Marc-Andre Fleury.

And that pretty much sums it up. For more in-depth analysis, hit play on the embedded podcast player thingy. Then subscribe. It’s what a cool person would do.

And for the guy still talking about Justin Braun’s plus-minus: He’s been a plus-one over the last 24 games.