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NHL #FanPulse All-Star edition

NHL All-Star Travis Konecny and Green Day were the highlights, obviously.

2020 Honda NHL All-Star Game Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

This week, there were no surprises with FanPulse this week as we asked about All-Star snubs and whether anyone was going to watch the thing.

My guess going into the poll was a 50/50 split between ASG watchers and non-watchers and boy I was close.

I do have to say though, those of you who didn’t watch missed out on Green Day giving the NHL and Gary Bettman a nice, giant F*** You. It was the highlight of my night, personally.

The next question focused on All-Star snubs, and again, there really weren’t any surprises.

Of course Colorado Avalanche rookie Cale Makar was the biggest snub, but what are you going to do, not invite Nathan MacKinnon to be an All-Star? That would be silly. For the Carolina Hurricanes, it had to be Dougie Hamilton, and then a defenseman to replace him. Maybe Sebastian Aho deserved to make it, but it had to be Douglas.

The biggest news about FanPulse this week is that we are going to start asking team specific questions! The national questions will remain on an bi-weekly basis, but in between, we will ask questions specifically about the team you like the best. It’s probably the Flyers since you are here but who am I to assume.

Sign up here to have your opinions heard on all types of hockey things, this week we asked if you think the Philadelphia Flyers organization is heading in the right direction.