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It’s us, the Old Philly

You don’t talk shit on us without consequence, fools.

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Orlando Magic v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

It wasn’t that long ago — a little over two years, if you want to get granular — that the Philadelphia 76ers were heading into the playoffs under a banner that proclaimed “Phila Unite.” You might remember it:

76ers PR

The PR campaign sought to bring the city together behind the Sixers, making their first playoff run in years. And it mostly worked! In fact, you could argue that with the Eagles Super Bowl win behind us, the Sixers have been the hottest team in Philly since they hit those playoffs in 2018. Everyone is having fun, right?

Fast forward to earlier this week and we’ve got Chris Heck, the president of the 76ers organization, saying some real dumb shit out loud.

Ooooh boy. Oh buddy. That absolutely ain’t it. And the Flyers let it be known:

He’s since apologized but, lol, this is Philly. Emphasis on the *Philly*. You can try to placate us with your empty, written-for-you fake apologies, but that’s not going to do it. Philly doesn’t forget.

Thanks to our pals at Breaking T, walk around Old Philly, being lazy and underselling your city, while representing the blue-collar grit that is at the real heart of this city.

Probably going to wear this thing while taking a walk down on the Schuylkill. Right past Boathouse Row. How about you guys?