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Monday Morning Fly By: York era, commence

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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NHLI via Getty Images

*Cam York is quickly becoming the most exciting guy the Flyers have coming up in the pipeline, and this weekend he got a little greasy:

*Speaking of exciting prospects, we compiled all of Elliott Desnoyers’ goals in order to inspire maximum impressiveness. [BSH]

*Some of the kids are, thankfully, getting games in over in Europe, where they handle pandemics properly and as such can do sports again. [Inquirer]

*Okay so when do we all get nervous about the fact that Phil Myers hasn’t signed yet? [NBC Sports Philly]

*Some patriotic hero in Vermont voted Claude Giroux for president. I want to know this person. [BarDown]

*Our player reviews continue with a look at a guy whom we are expecting to take a big step forward, in Morgan Frost... [BSH]

*... and a guy for whom we no longer have any expectations whatsoever. [BSH]

*NHL agents were polled, and — to save you the trouble of all that pesky reading — at least one of them thinks JVR will be on the move before the season is over. [The Athletic]

*One interesting part of the league’s preliminary plans for the upcoming season is that, even if the season is short, and even if the virus is an ongoing problem, they’re planning a full-season travel schedule. [Yahoo Sports Canada]

*The hockey players themselves have a few thoughts about the idea of an all-Canada division. [CBC]

*Did you miss the newest episode of Flyperbole? The boys go in on the Roman Cechmanek news, and it’s a real party. [BSH]

*And finally, shameless merch plug! For the record, the proceeds from these kinds of things are what we use to throw the parties we used to be able to throw, so if you like those, and you like shirts, and also hockey, this is tailor made for you. [BSH]