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Flyers fans make their voices heard in NHL Network’s top centers poll

Philadelphians have been shifting the polls in a big way this November.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Philadelphia Flyers
The sixth-best center in the league and Sean Couturier.
Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Election Day may be over, but that isn’t stopping Philadelphia from turning the tide in some National polls. Well, National Hockey League polls anyway.

NHL Network has been releasing their “Top 20” players right now by position. A few weeks ago they ranked the defensemen, in which a certain Flyers defenseman was left off the list. They continued with the top wingers in the NHL last week, and this Sunday they ranked the Top 20 centers.

Along with their own rankings, NHL Network has also asked the fans to weigh in at each position. The “official” lists and fan-voted lists are usually quite different, with Flyers fans showing their support for the Orange and Black.

The Flyers were bound to have at least Selke Trophy winner Sean Couturier on the top centers list, but another fan favorite got a lot of love from the City of Brotherly Love.

Couturier is 18th on NHL Network’s list, which for my money seems low. He finally won the Selke Trophy. Give the man some damn respect.

Now, onto the fan list.

The fans showed some respect for Couturier, who comes in as the ninth-best center in the league, but he isn’t even the highest Flyer on the list! That honor goes to Kevin Hayes, who, according to the fans, is the sixth-best center in the league right now.

That’s right, a pretty nice showing for the Flyers with the No. 6 and No. 9 center in the league.

Now, we all love Kevin Hayes, but the sixth-best center in the league? I don’t know if anyone can truly say that and believe it.

The sixth-best (or better) penalty killer, hype man, teammate, and chirper? Absolutely. But better than Brayden Point, Mathew Barzal, Auston Matthews, and others? Eh, that’s a tough argument, but that’s what the fans voted for!

This hasn’t been the first time this month that Philadelphia fans have made their votes count.

Last week, the Flyers had a representative on NHL Network’s top wingers list with Claude Giroux coming in at No. 18. However, Travis Konecny was ranked higher than Giroux on the fan list, with the duo coming in at 10th and 11th respectively.

That is probably a bit too high for Konecny, but Philadelphia won’t hear it.

A week before that, NHL Network left Ivan Provorov off of their top defensemen list, but the Russian blueliner came in 15th on the fan list.

Provorov may not be one of the best defensemen in the NHL given some of the guys across the league, but he deserves to be in the conversation.

The Captain even took notice of the snub on Twitter.

It’s not just players that are getting overlooked by the media. The Flyers, as a team, were left off of NBC Sports’ “Top 10 teams in the NHL right now” list just last week. There wasn’t a fan vote for that, so we made ourselves heard here at Broad Street Hockey.

November has been a great month for Philadelphians to make their vote count – both on and off the ice.