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Ranking the NHL’s Reverse Retro jerseys

This is the definitive ranking, no arguments required.

Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

After some teasers over the last few days, the NHL has released all 31 teams’ Reverse Retro jerseys for next season. Some teams played it safe, while others went all out. Here are all 31 jerseys ranked, roasted, and a maybe even a few complimented.

Images via @NHL on Twitter.

31. Dallas Stars

There was an attempt. This is the only jersey that I can confidently say that I don’t like anything about it. The Stars’ current uniforms are very good though, so at least you guys have that going for you. It feels unfinished, almost like a design you’d find in a coloring book.

30. Toronto Maple Leafs

They should be thanking their lucky stars, or more appropriately, thanking the Stars for settling on their design. Because they’d be primed for a last place finish without it. It’s a no from me.

29. Winnipeg Jets

On the one hand I want to give them props for being different, but on the other hand this jersey is just so boring. Entirely too much grey and very little color pop.

28. New York Rangers

Hot take? I don’t like the Lady Liberty logo. And the jersey itself looks like someone opened up a jersey template, hit the color fill button, and walked away. My opinion of these probably will improve once I see them on the ice, I’ll give them that.

27. Chicago Blackhawks

Bold of the NHL to hide the logo in their release, but not actually have them use a different one. The Hawks did show the front on their own Twitter page, but nevertheless, it’s still an interesting decision made on the league’s official account. The striping is fine, it’s red and black — hard for that combination to be ugly.

26. Detroit Red Wings

Really? That’s what you came up with? Did you remember that you had to make one of these five minutes prior to the due date? I mean, come on, that’s a practice jersey.

25. Minnesota Wild

I thought I was going to really like this jersey — and then I saw what the Wild’s logo looks like in North Stars colors. Nope, nope, nope. Had they gone with the old logo (yes, I know that’s technically not their team, whatever) or used the letter “M” in that font, this jersey moves way up my list.

24. Columbus Blue Jackets

One of the more risky designs that some enjoy, but it’s just not for me. That logo just doesn’t have enough to it to be on the crest, and the blue cuff stopping halfway is just odd. I can appreciate the boldness to go red with the word “blue” in your team’s name though. They weren’t alone in that either.

23. Ottawa Senators

Is this enough red? I’m not sure this is enough red. This is where we begin to enter the “it’s fine” territory of the list. It’s a little plain, but it’s fine.

22. New York Islanders

If the Islanders set out to make their Reverse Retro as boring as their games are, they nailed it. It’s not an ugly sweater at all, it’s just really safe and underwhelming. Should’ve brought back the fisherman logo.

21. Vancouver Canucks

The original gradient was better, and there were other sweaters that they could have reversed that would have been cooler. With that being said, it’s not a bad look. Just a bit of a disappointing one.

20. St. Louis Blues

And we arrive at the other blue team that went red. I wasn’t a fan of the red on the old jerseys, and I’m really not too high on it being the Blues’ primary color here. They do get points for picking an iconic jersey from their history and truly reversing it.

19. San Jose Sharks

It’s not bad, but a grey base can only go so far. A relatively safe choice that doesn’t stand out in comparison to the rest of the league, and especially not in their division. Forgettable.

18. Carolina Hurricanes

I’m definitely lower on the Whalers jersey than most. Well, let me be clear: lower on this Whalers jersey than most. Why this look falls out of the top-15 for me is the grey base, not the logo or the template. Through this process I’ve learned that I apparently have a problem with grey jerseys, so, yeah. Deal with it.

17. Pittsburgh Penguins

These are clean. A bit boring, and I’ve never been a big fan of the lettering in place of a true logo look, but they’re fine. In all honesty it’s probably a little too low on this list, but it’s a Penguins jersey. I have to follow my heart.

16. Nashville Predators

Probably the toughest one for me to rank. It feels really similar to what they wear today, but it is also a true reverse of a retro. It doesn’t stand out, and isn’t all that exciting, but it’s acceptable.

15. Boston Bruins

It’s a well done jersey that gives off a very strong original six vibe. Like the Predators’ above, I wouldn’t call them exciting but they’re solid. And the shoulder logo was, well, a bold choice. That part may actually be a little exciting.

14. Washington Capitals

I really liked the old blue and brown Caps jerseys with the screaming eagle, but this doesn’t live up to the originals for me. Still good though, and I love seeing that logo make its return.

13. Florida Panthers

I don’t have very strong feelings about this jersey, it’s just perfectly solid. The “leaping panther” logo is better than the current shield, and the colors really mix well together.

12. Philadelphia Flyers

Just read the comments from our post back when this jersey had first been leaked and you’ll see that many were not pleased with the design. I’m not of one of them. Maybe it’s just because I love the orange Phantoms jersey that is strikingly similar, but really, the only thing that feels a little off to me are the white cuffs. Another plus is that I am not a fan of color block nameplates, so I like that the Flyers are moving away from them again — at least this one time.

11. Vegas Golden Knights

I might be in the minority here, but I think that what they came up with looks quite good. Their primary logo is one of my favorites, so while I don’t particularly love moving away from it, the secondary star and swords works well here. The red base really pops, and they can’t help that they don’t have nostalgia to pull from. Although, they could’ve gone with a Las Vegas Wranglers get up...

10. Buffalo Sabres

The logo may be a bit plain, no doubt about that, but the overall design of this jersey is superb to my eyes. It’s just a really clean look, even with the text block border which I don’t necessarily love. Just really solid.

9. New Jersey Devils

I just want to make fun of this jersey for screaming “tis the season,” but I can’t lie — I actually really like them. The Devils have only ever worn a red or a white jersey, and green serving as the primary color for a Devils jersey is a bit jarring. Still, I think it works well and manages to capture both a classic and modern feel.

8. Tampa Bay Lightning

Does the logo still look like more of a rough draft that you create on your way to the actual design? Sure, but that shade of blue though. Seriously, I don’t dislike the logo, even with its shortcomings, and the black accents work really well.

7. Edmonton Oilers

I honestly don’t even know what I like about it, I just do. It was a very good decision to not use the coloring of the logo from ‘79. Throw all the history at me that you want, that logo would’ve made this jersey look terrible. But this? Well done.

6. Calgary Flames

Blasty is back, and this look is even better than the original. This jersey, more than any other, reminds me of when I first started getting into hockey as a kid. I chose the Flames a lot, second to only the Flyers, while playing those old NHL games on the PS2, and would almost always use the jersey that these are modeled after. Big win here.

5. Colorado Avalanche

It’s not impossible, but it’s hard to make maroon look bad. Taking the Nordiques route, but with the current Avalanche color scheme makes for a really nice looking jersey. Maybe the most anticipated jersey of them all, and it did not fall flat.

4. Montreal Canadiens

I was ready to hate this jersey — a blue-based Canadiens jersey just sounds wrong. But then the pictures were released. Easily the biggest deviation from traditional that they’ve ever attempted, and they nailed it.

3. Arizona Coyotes

One of the boldest, and certainly the loudest sweater of the bunch, the Coyotes have added a purple jersey to their collection. The Gila monster returning on the shoulder is cool, and while a little dull on the original green jerseys, the logo on the crest works here. The shade of purple is really what sells this one for me, making it a top-3 look.

2. Los Angeles Kings

Just go back to using purple as the team’s primary color, I’m begging you. The league is severely lacking purple, but just like the Coyotes, the Kings have brought some back with their take on the Reverse Retro theme. Combining the black and white logo from the Gretzky jerseys with the colors from the original crown design is just *chef kiss*. If I didn’t love the weirdest jersey of them all, this one would take the top spot. But one of their biggest rivals just edged them out.

1. Anaheim Ducks

The star of the bunch; Wild Wing. This is not a jersey that you’re just OK with — you either love it or hate it. And I absolutely love that this logo is coming back. The almost illegible font sits right in that “so bad it’s actually good” category for me, and the jersey is easily the most unique. It’s a mess of a jersey in the absolute best way.