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A Festivus unlike the rest

Because of the pandemic. Damn Covid.

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Brian Born/NHLI via Getty Images

It is news to no one that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and opportunities for in-person merrymaking are limited, if not completely obsolete. This year has been hard on us all, but personally having to cancel the annual Broad Street Hockey Festivus Party has been one of the worst parts.

I’ve come up with a solution. Kind of. We’re going to do quizzo. Over Zoom. For the uninitiated, quizzo is a type of bar trivia and zoom is a video conferencing platform so we will all be perfectly safe in the relative comforts of our own homes. Quizzo has a host, multiple teams and a few rounds with questions of varying levels of difficulty. Our host is none other than Former Flyer Blogger TRAVIS HUGHES.

Alright, so let’s dig into details. This will take place on Wednesday December 23 at 7pm ET. You will need to register to play — click this link and you will be sent instructions on how to join. If you have a team you would like to play with already, that’s excellent, send me an email with your team name and I will make sure you end up in the same place. Make the name funny and maybe you’ll get an extra point. If you don’t have a team, great, we will make sure you are on a team with at least one member of Broad Street Hockey so you don’t feel excluded. I am asking that you make a donation to Snider Hockey as a registration fee, in the spirit of the holiday season, but I am not going to check or enforce this.

What: Broad Street Hockey Festivus Quizzo

When: Wednesday December 23 at 7pm ET

Where: Zoom, register here

This year has been hard and sucked, let’s gather for some fun before it ends and next year sucks.