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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Uh oh, Bobby learned to skate

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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2019 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Kevin Light/Getty Images

*Bobby Brink got his first goal of the tournament! Kid’s been buzzing but not finishing, so this was a big one.

*Speaking of, one thing that’s been clear during this tournament thus far is that Bobby Brink really worked on his skating. [The Athletic]

*With Bobby Brink and the rest of Team USA beating the Czech kids 7-0 yesterday, that adds another blowout to a tournament that has already seen a couple. Is it time to thin the field? [The Hockey News]

*Hopefully everyone has been keeping in-shape during the offseason (lol of course they have, they are professional athletes), because there won’t be much time to get back into form this year. [Inquirer]

*We got the full national broadcast schedule yesterday and our boys get a fair few chances to shine on the big stage. [Flyers]

*Charles takes a long look at Travis Sanheim to suss out what we should expect from him going forward. [The Athletic] (sorry about all The Athletic links today folks, they just did a bunch of good stuff yesterday. Don’t yell at me I just work here.)

*Big news out of Chicago yesterday as Jonathan Toews announced that he can’t join the team because of a medical issue. That really sucks, he’s a good dude. [Second City Hockey]

*As we head toward the new year, DGB puts together his list of resolutions. [The Athletic]

*And finally can you believe that the 24/7 series on HBO was ten entire years ago?? How in the world... anyway, that series was absolutely outstanding and it should come back. [The Athletic]