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Ivan Provorov shows off Flyers’ new Reverse Retro jersey during workout at the Skate Zone

The Flyers’ new Reverse Retro jerseys look amazing on the ice.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders - Game Six Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

What a wild ride it’s been for the Philadelphia Flyers’ Reverse Retro jerseys. Reports of them being leaked occurred fewer than two months ago, and ever since then, the opinions around the polarizing look have continued to change.

The reaction to the first initial leak in mid-October was overly negative, and for good reason. It was a simple, Fanatics-brand jersey on a hanger. Fanatics jerseys always look worse than the real Adidas versions, and that being the first look at them certainly wasn’t a good thing.

You can go back into that related article to see that the top comments are negative — with standouts such as “I will buy one so I can set it on fire” — which was in line with much of the fanbase’s opinion. The Flyers had a few other options to throw it back to, including black jerseys from the late 1990s and most of the 2000s. Seeing another orange – and not being sure what the orange looked like at that – wasn’t encouraging.

However, the opinions on the jerseys have done a complete 180 since that leak in October.

Their official reveal helped turn the tide. It was good to see an Adidas version of the jersey actually on a human being.

Of 1,106 votes in a “How do you feel about the Flyers’ Reverse Retro sweaters?” poll at the bottom of the unveiling article, 45% voted “I like them!” with just 14% voting “They stink!”, and 42% solidly in the middle at “They’re okay.”

Seeing the jersey photoshopped onto some of the players made them look a lot better as well.

On Monday, we finally got to see the jersey in action. Well, on the practice rink at least.

The Flyers tweeted out a video of Ivan Provorov working out in the jersey, and I must say that they look amazing.

The white stripe on the socks add some flair to the look, as do the black gloves with the white cuffs. Those white cuffs might still throw some people off, but I’ll take it given how great that orange looks.

It’s good to see the jersey on the ice, and it’s great to see Ivan Provorov working out the Skate Zone.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see those jerseys in game action.