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Have you heard about Secret Base?

If not, you are about to!

Today I’m here to introduce you to the wild world of Secret Base. Sure sure, we all already know Jon Bois, this is his home. They launched at the end of August and it has taken me this long to get around to the formal introductions. But before that, you should read about this shrimp.

Anyway, Secret Base!

Our mission has always been to find and tell sports stories, to explain sports stuff, and to attempt sports experiments, unmoored from whatever happened last night. We have hope that in doing so, we’ve helped you better appreciate sports — the narratives, the excitement, the reflection of society, and the unmatched silliness. We intend to pursue that mission in formats other than video. You’ll see written blog posts on this site from the beginning, and we expect that in the future, you might see works of fiction, podcasts, games, and other fuzzy multimedia experiments. You’ll also see posts where we’re just hanging out and enjoying ourselves — that’s the point of having our own home, after all.

I’ve partnered with Will Buikema to help SB reach the milestone of 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers before Christmas. Because, really, who wants coworkers they like working on Christmas. Here’s what he has to say:

If you like sports documentaries and weird internet then we have a good chance at being friends. No pressure though, I’ll settle for acquaintances. At Secret Base, we’re all about exploring stories that just happen to be about sports, digging through the forgotten or bizarre, and embracing the human nature of these moments in history. But the reason we’re popping in now is that we’re closing in on 1 million subscribers on YouTube. It’s a nice, round number and therefore people like to celebrate it, so we wanted to invite you to celebrate with us.

If further convincing is needed, then just check out this video. I think you’ll like it, and if not I will mail you back your minutes spent watching. Thank you, potential new friend.

Ever wonder how the TOO MUCH MAN rule was created? Oh baby we got that:

You know what, just check out all of the NHL videos. All of them. Right here.

Just for funsies, here are some Eagles videos. For fun. Unlike what we’ve been watching on our TV this season.