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You hate these guys, remember?

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Go watch the Flyers do that hockey.

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New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

The dust has settled on Chucky Two Trades’ deadline day moves, and after Tuesday’s win over the Sharks, it doesn’t look like the Flyers are slowing down — if they can help it.

Enter those New York Rangers.

Remember when we hated this team? It wasn’t that long ago. Remember that first round loss to them in 2014? Remember back in 2015 when Wayne Simmonds got a game misconduct for punching Ryan McDonagh in the face? And we know you remember that game 82 win that put them into the 2010 playoffs and kicked off that run to the Cup final. What we’re trying to tell you here is that while your hatred for other teams may be fresher in your mind, deep down inside you still hate the New York Rangers.

We’ve partnered with the fine folks at StubHub to bring you an exclusive offer on tickets for Friday night’s game at the Wells Fargo Center, the first meeting between the Flyers and the Rangers since way back in late December. While the Flyers are — for now!! — comfortably in a playoff spot, the Rangers are suddenly one of the hottest teams in the league, having won eight of their last nine games and inserting themselves into the already way-too-crowded Metropolitan Division playoff race; as of today they sit just four points back from the Columbus Blue Jackets in the second wild card with three games in hand. Both the Flyers and the Rags need every point they can get, making this weekend’s games both important and potentially explosive.

No better way to end a long work week than a few cold ones at a good hockey game. Go enjoy, pals.