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Kevin Hayes, Philadelphia legend

You can’t ever have too many tee shirts, right?

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Our pals at BreakingT, the fine people who brought you the Carter Hart tee shirt last season, have come up with another gem, this one featuring everyone’s newest favorite Flyer, Kevin Hayes.

In case you forgot (you didn’t, because it was fun, and you don’t forget fun things), Kevin Hayes brought out his “putting on the belt” celly a couple of weeks back, much to the delight of Flyers fans everywhere and much to the chagrin of the stupid Blue Jackets. But who cares about those dorks am I right?

Hollywood Hayes Hoodie for $52

The particulars:

  • Orange, gold, and white print. Available in two styles.
  • Adult T-Shirt: Super-comfortable, cotton/poly-blended tee in black. Unisex sizing with a snug fit. S-3XL
  • Hoodie: Premium cotton/poly blended-fleece in black. Drawcord in natural. Front pouch pocket. Unisex sizing. S-3XL
  • Designed by Scott Shaffer.
  • Screened in the USA.

Head over to BreakingT to grab one of these beauties to wear while you’re watching the first round of the playoffs. And maybe while you’re having one of those Kevin Hayes beers. A beer and a tee shirt before he’s even through his first season. A legend.