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Photo archives: Flyers vs Lightning

Trying to provide some behind-the-scenes images in these tough times

Hello, everyone!

It’s day six (?) without sports, and I think we can all use a little distraction from the world. Back in February on my trip to Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida I was honored to cover the Flyers playing away against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Flyers Organization gave me the star treatment with full access during the game and I was able to shoot on the bench and get some unique images you won’t see from me at the Wells Fargo Center. I was shooting independently, but decided as we are self-isolated, maybe it’s a good time to flip through the hidden archives.

Let me share some images you haven’t seen yet from the trip. And yes, before you ask there will be a lot more gallery distractions in the coming days to keep you sane.

Now, please wash your hands and stay safe.