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Flyers odds for winning the Stanley Cup are increasing

This team is red hot, could they go all the way?

Heather Barry - SB Nation

Last night, Flyers fans were shocked to see their team as favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Who? The Flyers? Are you sure? Us? What? How?

You weren’t seeing things, Money Puck has in fact given the Philadelphia Flyers a league leading 12.7% chance of winning Lord Stanley’s Cup in June. Of this year. The hockey team the Flyers. I’m still in shock, give me some time here.

The Flyers had a monster February, and are now getting national recognition for what we have known this whole time — this is a pretty good team! Travis Konecny has taken a huge step forward this season, Sean Couturier continues to be perfect in every single way, Kevin Hayes has flawlessly assimilated with this team, Ivan Provorov eats minutes for breakfast, and Carter Hart is the prince that was promised. Do you see who I didn’t list there? Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek, the two who have carried this team in points and in spirit through the darkest of days. They are both having great seasons, but they have support and this team is clicking on all levels.

So, we know how we feel, and we know what Money Puck has to say on the matter, but what about another source? BetOnline just released their odds for March and they also have the Flyers taking a huge jump. On February 4th, the Flyers were 33/1 to win the Cup, they are now 16/1. This is not the top of the league, that honor belongs to the 6/1 Bruins and Lightning, but it is top 10. They are 8/1 to come out of the Eastern Conference in 1st place, which ranks them 5th, up from 14/1, and 7/2 to win the Metropolitan Division, up from 33/1.

These odds are not the same, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both of these sources are telling us there is a chance, and that is not something I saw as the season started last October. There are no odds for the Selke Trophy because obviously everyone knows it belongs to Couturier this season. See you all on Broad Street!

If you would like to see how Money Puck got to their conclusion, here is an explainer.